5 Main Benefits Of Precision Cold Forge

5 Main Benefits Of Precision Cold Forge

Precision cold forging is one of the innovative forming techniques in forging technology. As the name suggests, the precision cold forge is a technique that basically works on forging machine parts without producing flashes. It produces near-net shapes hence reducing the amount of material waste.

There are many benefits that come with investing in precision forging for cold extrusion. We are going to look at some of these benefits and why people should consider the technology. Here are the 5 main benefits:

Outstanding Material Characteristics

One of the benefits of the precision cold forge is excellent material characteristics. With this technology, the forged metal properties are not really disrupted, including the grains, among other features. This means the quality of the original maintained plus the hardening features that come with cold forging. So the quality of the product that has been cold forged will be the best you can get in the market.

Reduced Process Chain

When the production system is designed for the precision cold forge, then it means the process will be cut off. The fact that the system is said to be near-net-shape means that the finishing process may not be needed in the end. It is also important to note that the forging technique is said to be flashless. This means the process of getting flashes of the punched part is not there. The elimination of these parts of the typical cold forging process reduces the production chain.

High Material Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of the precision cold forge is being flashless. This means the amount of waste that’s seen from the typical cold forging is significantly reduced. With no flashes, it means the whole material is wasted on the forged parts. With such high material efficiency, the cost of producing parts is significantly reduced.

Reduces Manufacturing Lead-Time

The reduced lead-time is another benefit that comes with precision cold forge. There are several reasons that cause a reduction in lead time. One of them is the elimination of the processes such as flashing and finishing. So the total time needs to complete manufacturing parts is significantly reduced.

Significant Cost Saving

Last on this list is cost saving. With the reduced manufacturing lead time, high material efficiency, and so on, the overall cost of production is significantly reduced. That’s one of the ways that precision cold forge helps to reduce the cost of parts. So both buyers and manufacturers will be spending less.