Main Dos and Don’ts For Aluminum Forging Process

The forging of aluminum is probably one of the biggest things being done in the forging market. With the availability of aluminum alloys that can be hard as steel, the material has become one of the widely used metals in forging.

Aluminum is softer than steel and has found a wide range of applications in many industries. That’s why it is one of the most forged metals today. Check out for a range of forged aluminum products.

There are many dos and don’t that you need to observe in the aluminum forging process. That’s what we are going to look at in this article. Check out the following dos and don’ts:


Right Material

The first thing that you must get right in the aluminum forging process is the material used. There are so many types of aluminum alloys. So you must get the right material for the kind of products that they want to forge. Make sure that you have understood all the required properties of the material to ensure that you have gotten the right material. Getting the wrong material means that the quality of the forged product will never be of the expected quality.

Use the Right temperature

If you are going for the hot forging process, you need to seriously check the issue of heating the aluminum material. You need to understand the hardness properties of the material to be able to get the right heating temperatures. Note that you need to heat the material to the crystallization point. The problem would be when the material does not reach the crystallization point or goes beyond it. This would greatly affect the quality of the forged product.

Forging Force

Get the compression force correct. This is a very important factor to consider when it comes to the aluminum forging process. It is the compression force that determines the quality of the forging. The force must be enough to deform the material create a new shape.


Don’t Ignore Safety

Forging can be a very dangerous process for the blacksmith. You must always ensure that your safety comes first before anything else. It is common in factories to see people let the guards down, but it should not be the case. Always wear protective gear when operating, no matter how harmless the process may appear.

These are the main dos and don’t that you need to consider when carrying out the aluminum forging process. Always aim at keeping safe and maintaining the quality of forged products.