What Is Hot Forging and The Major Advantages

What Is Hot Forging and The Major Advantages?

Hot forging is a process where extreme heat is applied depending on the metal type used. For instance, Extreme high temperatures of up to 1150°C for steel and 360-520 °C for alloy. During deformation, these temperatures are essential because they break down the strain hardening.

The workpiece is heated to the desired temperature in the hot forging process before shaping it. This happens by placing the workpiece inside a mold. Once the required temperature has been reached, and the billet is in the mold, the hammering is started. The hammering or pressing is done using the hydraulic press machines. Once the forging is completed, the workpiece is allowed to cool or heat treated.

Hot forging is the most well-known forging process. Unlike other forging methods, there are many advantages that come with hot forging. This article puts together the main benefit that makes this technology stand out.


Another benefit of hot forging is that it is more flexible than cold forging. Customized parts with complex designs can be manufactured using the hot forging process. Through customization, buyers’ satisfaction increases since they can get designed products that meet their specifications.

Heat resistance parts

Heat resistance is one of the properties you need to look for in machine parts. Through the hot forging process, machine parts are exposed to very high heat conditions. Long-lasting parts should withstand high heating conditions. This clearly tells hot forging parts are very durable.

High ductility level

The high ductility level is one of the reasons why hot forging parts are considered the best machine cutter tools. This is because they can withstand bending forces without breaking. Hot forged parts are the best option due to their high level of ductility if you are looking for machine parts that might be subjected to high bending pressure.

Hardness and strength

Another advantage of hot forging is producing stronger parts. One of the materials used in hot forging is steel metals. They are known as the hardest metal in the industry. The heat treatment process makes the steel metal even harder. Steel forged parts are the most durable parts available in the market.