How CMT Factory Is Ensuring Durable mulcher teeth

How CMT Factory Is Ensuring Durable mulcher teeth

CMT factory is one of the companies that have been credited for releasing high quality and durable CMT mulcher teeth in the market. The company has never compromised the quality of the tools. That is why their customer base has been increasing. But how has the factory ensured the durability of the mulcher teeth? Well, here are the ways:

Quality of the Material used

One of the ways that CMT factory has ensured that they are providing the market with durable mulcher teeth is using high-quality materials. The company uses some of the highest grade materials for the construction of their mulcher teeth. As the name suggests, ‘carbide’ stands for the carbide material that the factory is using in manufacturer mulching machine teeth. But they are not only using this material the highest grade of it, which the tungsten carbide. They are also using one of the highest grades of steel, alloy steel. These materials are known for their durability features.

Powerful Teeth Joint

The other thing that gives CMT mulcher teeth excellent durability features is the powerful joints. One of the biggest problems that most machine users face is the breakage of the joints as the mulcher teeth start to age. So what CMT has done is having a very powerful joint to address the problem of teeth damage. So they are brazing tungsten carbide technology to form the mulcher teeth joint. Therefore, these are the kind of teeth that can withstand even the most demanding conditions mulching conditions.

Teeth hardening

It is also important to note that it is doing more than just producing mulcher teeth. The factory is also hardening their mulching tools to ensure that they are added value to their products. There are many teeth hardening technologies that the company is using to give their cutter tools more life. Some of these technologies include tungsten carbide hard facing, amongst others. That is another way that they are adding durability features to their teeth.

Quality Production

If the tools are not appropriately produced from the start, then the quality of these tools is reduced. That is why CMT has invested in the most updated production line, where most of the production is automated. That means quality standards are maintained hence more durable mulcher teeth.

These are things the CMT factory has done to ensure the durability of tools is maintained.

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